Our Teachers & Staffs

Cikgu Atina

Diploma in Education and bachelor in Science from UKM. Former DG44 government school teacher at SK(2)PJ for 9 years. UPSR examiner for Science subject. Teach Primary Science subjects at SEROJA.

Cikgu Sabillah

Bachelor of Education in History from UPSI. Former government school teacher at SMK Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur since 2010. History and Bm tutor at SEROJA. She expresses the story in excitingly and accurately way. Besides, Cikgu Sabillah always provide short notes and keywords that can help for improvement.

Cikgu Asiah

BSc (Hons) in Chemical Industry. Experience as chemist for 9 years and teaching for 7 years. Teach Science dan Chemistry subjects for all level since 2012. 

Cikgu Sahrul

BSc (Hons) in Bahasa Melayu from UPSI. Former Bahasa Melayu goverment school teacher at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Jalan Kebun. Experience in teaching since 2016. Teach BM level primary and (Penulisan) UPSR subject at SEROJA. One to one counselling session between student and teacher consistently creates excellent result to student grades.

Cikgu Sasi

Secondary school teacher at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato Hamzah for History subject. He 
Experience in teaching for 11 years. He uses method of story telling to deliver his lesson. He also apply teachnique of mind mapping and group presentation to involve students participation in class.

Teacher Nisha

Bachelor degree in TESL from MSU.  English teacher at SK Subang. Teach English for Year 4 at SEROJA. She is a friendly teacher, who likes to use one to one approach to ensure good understanding in her lesson.

Cikgu Fatihah

Bachelor degree from University Malaysia Sabah. Experience in teaching since 2009. Teach subject Math and Addmath for all level at SEROJA.

Cikgu Azam

Bachelor degree from Politeknik. Experience in teaching Bahasa Melayu since 2015. Teach BM Pemahaman for UPSR, PT3 and SPM level at SEROJA. Cikgu Azam continuously motivates student interest in academic especially Bahasa Melayu to improve the content of their writing.

Cikgu Sulehah

Master in Vocational technical Education and bachelor degree in Science (Applied Chemistry) from UITM. Experienced as an examination coordinator and a Mathematics tutor. Teach Mathematic for UPSR level at SEROJA.

Cikgu Aiman

Bachelor (Hons) in Mechanical  Engineering from UITM. Assistant lecturer at UITM and as master researcher. He is a creative teacher  in giving explanations to students, especially in challenging topics.

Teacher Maithili

Bachelor degree in TESL from Universiti Utara Malaysia and IPG Kampus Pulau Pinang. Former government school teacher at SK kota kemuning since 2010. Teach Primary English at SEROJA. She firmly believes that significant interaction can helps students improve their communication.

Cikgu Parames

Degree in Biomedical Science (Biology) from Management and Science University. Experienced as a Biology and Science tutor since 2014. She believes that short note techniques will lead to effective process learning.

Sir Bryon Yap

Diploma in accounting, bachelor of commerce and ACCA affiliate from ACCA. A finance specialist from Careman Group. Teach Prinsip Akaun for SPM at SEROJA. He has 6 years experienced in teaching SPM Accounts.

Teacher Tana

Bachelor degree in Accounting (Hons) from MSU. Teach English Grammar Year 5 at SEROJA. A very passionate teacher, she uses two ways communication with students to ensure deep understanding in each topics that she teach.

Cikgu Saiful

Bachelor degree in Physics from UNSW Australia and Diploma in Education from IPG Malaysia. A former lecturer in Physic subject at Kolej Matrikulasi Banting since 2015 and experienced in teaching SPM Physic. Teach Physic SPM at SEROJA.

Cikgu Nik Aziz

Bachelor degree (Hons) in Chemistry from UITM.  Experienced as a government school teacher and as a volunteer Science teacher at Masjid Al Ehsan. Teach Science for Form 1 at SEROJA. He uses video and pictures as a learning medium om the classroom.

Cikgu Alif

Bachelor degree (Hons) in Science Education from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris. He teach Science Year 6 at SEROJA. He apply 5E techniques in teaching and explain in details of each subtopics in class.

Cikgu Asri Surjana

Bachelor degree (Hons) in Science from MSU.  Experienced as a  Mathematics tutor at Fuedu. Teach Maths for Year 4 and 5 at SEROJA. He uses step by step technique for easy understanding from the basic.

Teacher Inaayah

Bachelor degree (Hons) in Communication (Journalism) from UNISEL and diploma in English communication. English teacher at SK Sri Andalas. Teach English for Year 4 until Year 6 at SEROJA.

Cikgu Amirah

Bachelor degree (Hons) in Muamalat administration from UUM. Experienced as a teacher at Sek Ren Integrasi Alhidayah since 2015. Teach subject Bahasa Melayu for Year 1 until Year 3 at SEROJA.

Cikgu Hassan

Doctor of philosophy in Astrophysics and Cosmology from Univeraity of Malaya. He has more than 5 years experienced as a Sifu Tutor. He teach English Year 4 at Kota Kemuning and Physics subjects for SPM.

Cik Maizatul (Admin Leader)

Bachelor degree (Hons) in Business Administration. For Kota Kemuning branch.

Cik Faiqah (Admin)

Bachelor degree (Hons) in engineering (Biomedical). For Kota Kemuning branch.

Cik wahida (Admin)

Diploma in Tourism Management. For Rimbayu branch.

Ms Navisha (Admin)

Bachelor’s in Accounting & Finance. For Rimbayu branch

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